Personal Training Testimonials

We have collected these personal training testimonials from our customers.

These personal training testimonials are unedited and as provided to us by our clients. They are absolutely 100% genuine. If you happen to pop into the gym when any of these people are training (or others for that matter) you can ask them first hand about their experience with us.

Katrina B
Training with Mick and the other trainers at the gym has changed my outlook on life.  I wanted to “tweak” my appearance after the birth of my fourth child, but I was unsure as to how to go about taking the steps to improve my health & fitness. I knew (from past experiences) that joining a gym and training unsupervised wouldn’t work for me.  I’ve been training at Mick Coorey Health and Fitness for nearly four years and I enjoy going to the gym every bit as much as the day I started.   All the trainers (without exception) are helpful, friendly and encouraging.  They are genuinely interested in the people they are training and I’ve come to think of them as my extended family.  I can honestly say my mood improves 100% just walking through the front door.  There is a real team spirit between trainers and clients and it makes for a great atmosphere. So many people have commented on how my appearance has changed and whilst I’ve trained hard, I feel like it has happened relatively easily. Training bookings are organised week to week and therefore it is easy for me to arrange suitable training times depending on what else is happening in my life. Thanks to everyone at Mick Coorey Health and Fitness, I’m fitter, healthier, stronger and more energetic.
Wayne B
I have been training at Mick Coorey Health and Fitness for about 18 months and have lost 20 kilos and a bit over four inches around my waist. I have always felt welcome and Mick and all the trainers are professional and very helpful and are good for a laugh. With their background in professional football they bring excellent knowledge to the gym. I have a history of back problems and Mick has helped immensely in getting it right. The other added bonus is there is a nutritionist and a massage therapist on the premises who are great. I could not recommend Mick and his team enough.
Michelle J – Clayfield
I’ve been attending Mick Coorey Health and Fitness for seven years now doing one-hour personal training sessions in a one-on-two or one-on-three training scenario. Apart from super value for money, it’s been great to meet and train with others who have similar goals. The flexible weekly training schedule and trainer rotation means I don’t have to commit to certain days of the week or a certain trainer. I feel this gives my body the best chance at keeping fit because it doesn’t have a chance to get complacent! I highly recommend Mick Coorey Health and Fitness for its value for money, excellent personal training team and friendly, down to earth atmosphere.

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